Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Yarn Along - Italia

Santa Magherita, Ligurie
You know it's been a good holiday when you've managed to read a whole book (The Great Gatsby) and your knitting is visibly much bigger than it was before you left!  For our 12th wedding anniversary Richard organized a family break to Italy - a fantastic beach front hotel, perfect weather and to top it all off he did all the driving.

My Barn Sweater is coming along nicely.  I like that it is knit almost in one piece, for obvious sewing reasons, but this does make for long repetitive rows.

The sun rise from our hotel room balcony was beautiful...

...and the down town 'shopping district' so 'appetising'!

Santa Magherita
Oh, and I almost forgot.   Twelve or so years ago when we decided to get married we were building our house, and despite many well thought out arguments I couldn't convince Richard that a diamond engagement ring was as, if not more, important than a cement mixer/power tools etc.....
But now it's all finished, (is a house ever really finished), so guess what I got?

A delightful coffee cup! nah just kidding - a beautiful diamond solitaire ring!!! (my wedding band was my mothers).

Joining Ginny for this weeks Yarn Along.  
What are you creating this week?


  1. Your ring is lovely, look like it was worth the wait :). Was it a surprise? Your holiday looks wonderful I hope it was really relaxing.

    1. Thank you. It was a semi-surprise - we went shopping for a ring with a budget in mind and this one kinda blew it!! so for me the surprise was that Richard offered to buy it for me all the same.

  2. Congrats on that wonderful vacation and the ring is beautiful. What an awesome job he did at getting you all away. And a beachfront hotel too? Wow!

  3. Beautiful! The sunrise, the knitting, the shops, the wine, and the ring! Congratulations on 12 years! :)

  4. Oh, my!!! What a wonderful vacation AND surprise ring. You definitely have a keeper there!!!! Hoping the next 12 are every bit as wonderful.

  5. awww lovely ring and lovely trip! congrats

  6. Those desserts!

    Emma, I left a reply to your comment on my blog about the holes in the leaf buttons. Then I thought I'd pop over here to leave the message just in case you didn't have a chance to see it. The buttons shown have larger holes than I usually put in as I figured they would be on bulkier knits, but if you like, I can make up a few that have holes large enough to handle bulky weight yarn. If I know how many you need by Friday (the 30th), they would go in through the next kiln firing and be finished in about 3 weeks. FYI the finished buttons are about 1 3/4" to 1 7/8" long.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. That is heaven - knitting on a balcony overlooking the water in Italy! Now add a diamond ring? You are a lucky lady. Enjoy!

  8. How wonderful!!!! That sounds just about perfect to me, you lucky thing ;-)

  9. What a fab trip!! Love the barn sweater I was thinking about making one. Love your new ring, how exciting.

  10. What a glorious vacation!

    But then I live in KS, U.S.A. And I love Kansas, but I am intrigued with France and England and Italy and all the beauty, old buildings, and good food!

    Your sweater is amazing. I have never knitted a big project. I'm going to try a blanket sometime!

    What a fun anniversary gift the ring is! :)

  11. Happy Anniversary! So worth the wait for your ring, it is stunning. How wonderful to be whisked away on a vacation, looks like you had a great time.

  12. Aw what a lovely gift! And great job on the knitting - I kinda like knitting in one piece for the repetitive rows but it can get a bit boring after a while :)

  13. Happy Anniversary!! What a beautiful trip and gift you got. Italy is fantastic, isn't it?

  14. Happy anniversary! What a great trip! Is that a Kindle cozy?? It's awesome!

  15. You are knitting in Italy?!?? I die of jeaously. Fun to find your blog. Great ring. You earned it, I am sure.

  16. How lovely! I love Italy, only thing I dislike is how noisy it is in the cities haha!
    Happy anniversary!