Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Q - When is an Easter egg not an Easter egg?
A - When it's Elmo's nose!

I have finally finished my crochet Elmo. Apart from the difficulties of working with fantasy yarn, he was surprisingly easy to do.  However, in it's favour, fantasy yarn hides a lot of errors!

As regards Elmo's nose, I have a little confession;  It was meant to be an Easter egg!  A while back, well Easterish time, I participated in one of Lisa Pocklington's ( fantastic crochet workshops to make crochet easter eggs.  Despite following the pattern and being attentively supervised by Lisa my egg (nobody else's) finished by looking very un-egg shaped and very Elmo's nose shaped!  It was even the right colour, somethings are just meant to be!
Much practice and many strawberry shaped easter eggs later, I managed to get it right.  And with Rémi's hand decorated chicken basket we made a lovely table top decoration.
As soon as I get a new hook, work is to start on a Cookie Monster..."me like crochet ahhah yum yum yum"

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