Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fête des Pères


The boys have been busy again (not that they are ever anything but!) in preparation for Fathers Day, which unlike Mothers Day, falls the same day in France and the UK.
Rémi came home from school Friday with a box of chocolate covered coconut balls!!  For the last few days he'd been asking Richard various questions regarding food ie.  have you ever tryed coconut? do you like chocolate? yeh - even if it's melted? etc etc...  I kinda twigged but Richard had absolutely NO idea, really!!

umm chewy

For the last few years we have been doing a Fathers Day book.  Each year the boys add a page.   For the moment Tino's contributions are a series of 'abstract' sketches, whilst Rémi is now enjoying using his new found writting skills.  It's interesting to compare the 'pages' from year to year to see the progress they make, not only as regards their drawing skills but also, in Rémi's case what he wants to say to his father.  One thing is clear, they love him very much!!

So to finish, here's a snap of my lovely Dad, taken last year in sunny Pembrokeshire.

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