Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's a WRAP!

For my first crochet garment I thought I'd play it safe and avoid armholes and collars, and thus opted for a 'wrap', as opposed to the general begginers 'scarf' project.  My geranium/vervene flower box mix inspired my choice of colours (as did the almost complete lack of actual choice in buying yarn in the immediate area) and as instructed in the pattern I upped my hook size to get a 'big loose' effect with the stitches.

This is definitly not an exercise in 'fabric following function' as the yarn used is 50% wool, the thermic properties of which are kinda 'lost' on this type of summer garment.  But then there's not much yarn choice for the inspired 'happy hooker' (in house jargen to mean - someone who does crochet) in the area, oh sorry, I think i might have mentioned that already!

Photo by Rémi

I'm more than happy with the finished result despite Richard asking me which super hero i'm meant to be. It's a WRAP not a CAPE!! (Rémi asked the same question but then he's only 6 yrs old so coming from him it was funny) I'm also the proud new owner of a lovey set of bamboo hooks, which incidently I did buy in Chamonix, but from my own private source!! ah ha???  OK OK -  from 'crochet' Lisa.

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