Friday, July 1, 2011

School's out for summer!

9 weeks to be more precise!  Maybe it's my memory failing me but I seem to remember summer hols being in the region of 5-6 weeks.  2 months, now that's a lot of activities to plan!
7am this morning we mounted an undercover raid on neighbouring rose bushes to make "au-revoir et merci" prezzies for Rémi's two teachers, Christine and Safa.

And this afternoon I made some courgette and jam muffins to 'celebrate' the end of term.  Great recipe that needs no butter or oil.

Earlier this year school organised a recipe book project, where each family was invited to submit one or two family food favorites and photos.  We did 'Cawl' and 'Welsh Cakes'.  The finished product, sold for 10€, is a lovely spiral bound book of scrumptious delights; and a future source of 'rainy' day activities.

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