Thursday, August 18, 2011

All in a lather

A few months ago I bought some soaps and other goodies from Melissa at Honeybee Holistics.  She makes everything she sells with homegrow organic ingredients, and she very kindly explained to me the basics of  safe soap making with small children.  Naturally I couldn't find any organic soap making bases in Chamonix, so I had to 'cheat' a little bit! 

Firstly Rémi grated up an existing neutral white organic soap bar, then added to that some lavender flowers (and a few leaves), some oats, a few drops of lavender and mandarin essential oils and 5tbsp of cold water.

Then came the delicate part! We, well I, formed the soap 'mush' into ball(ish) shapes.  Rémi, with his big strong mountain boys hands, found this part rather to fragile, if you get my drift!

Whilst the soaps were drying in the mid-day heat we made some tye-dyed gift packets out of small paper coffee filters, using cake icing dye.

 Now this is the best bit - the boys have taken to washing; faces and all.  They went of to bed a while ago all shinney and sweet smelling.
packaging can also be used as a party hat!

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