Saturday, August 13, 2011

Incy Wincy Spider...

"what no water-spout?"
...can't climb the water-spout! I never noticed before todays 'photoshoot' that our water-spout doesn't actually come down the side of our house, it just sticks off the roof and drains into the field.  So this spider has to content himself with sitting on the fence.
After making a slugg for Tino, Rémi asked me to make him a spider, so instead of looking for a model I thought I'd give my imagination a little work-out.  I kept him simple (this speaks volumes about my imagination hey!), just a crochet ball body and 6 i-cord (learnt from a natural suburbia tutorial) legs that I stuffed with drinking straws to make them semi-ridgid.  Rémi's baby blues inspired the big eyes and the teeth are just two tiny weeny i-cords.
Currently working on a snail to go with the afore mentioned creatures.

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