Friday, August 26, 2011

Never put off until tomorrow...

...what you can do today!
Well with that in mind I decided to knit Tino a horse using a pattern that Linda from Natural Suburbia so very kindly sent me a few days ago; knit it and finish it in a day!  I told the boys that it was an 'unstructured activity day' which basically meant that they had to amuse themselves - biking, playing on the swings, in the sandpit, unarmed combat, it was a sunny day so the posibilities were endless.
So far so good, that is until Ginette (my mother in-law) turned up with a tonne of plums and a few tomatoes from her sister's garden.  Instantly the boys wanted to make a 'gateau' with the fruit and the idea of an 'unsupervised' cooking activity in my kitchen had little apeal to me.  So I had to help.

Plum clafoutis
 Never the less, I managed to get the horse finished (we had take out pizza for dinner) just in time for Tino to add it to his extensive collection of cuddly bedtime chums.
Tino named her Paquitta

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