Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Slowly but shawl-ey

Slowly it goes! my shawl is taking rather longer than I anticipated it would, but I was AM intending to wear it to a wedding in 10 days time!  The garden and another milo for Tino is taking up shawl knitting time but the growing season here is so short that it can't really wait.
Owl motif

Just after taking this picture I accorded myself a little knitting time and in all the excitement of taking part in a Yarn Along, (first time in weeks) ended up making a 'tiny error' which went unnoticed until the next row back didn't work out and  then it became a 'big mistake'!! lots of taking back 'yarn overs' and 'k2 tog' slowed up my shawls progression somewhat.
I also recently made myself this wrist cuff after finding this lovely coconut shell button.

Currently reading The Total Money Makeover (Dave Ramsey), fairly interesting, but just common sense if you really think about it, approach to managing money; paying cash whenever possible, only buying things when you have the money to pay for them and avoiding all kinds of credit apart from mortgages - the payment of which shouldn't be more than 25% of your monthly income.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone has been up to on the yarn front!  Off now to make peanut butter
and plant some beans.


  1. I loved Dave's book! It's a complete DUH, but it needs to be said. I need to plant my whole garden...if only we could get that deer fence up!

  2. I have been wanting to knit my son a Milo with the same owl pattern! Too cute! And your cuff is really pretty!

  3. Love your little owl!!! Very cute!!! (as is the bracelet!!) bummer about the shawl boo-boo, but oh, my!!! It's gorgeous! and you are SOOO close to the finish line!

  4. The owl and the shawl both look great! Hope you make your deadline.

  5. I hope you manage to get your shawl finished in time for the wedding.
    I love those kind of books that make you really think about money and what I'm spending. I recently celebrated becoming debt-free and it was a wonderful feeling!

  6. The owl vest is very cute. I hope your shawl comes off the needles with no more issues. Jacinta

  7. The little owls on the vest are darling!

    The shawl is beautiful, sorry you had to take out, I know what a big job that can be.

    I love the wrist cuff and the coconut button.

  8. I love the owl vest! So sweet! Your shawl is beautiful. The ripping out is so frustrating! But well worth it!

  9. I love the owl, and I think the edging on your shawl is beautiful.

  10. Hi new here. Very pretty pictures. Cute blog. really nice.


  11. I love your wrist cuff, perfect to show that gorgeous button! The lace pattern in your shawl is lovely but oh my isnt it tricky stuff to un knit:)
    The yabbie (from our camping trip) is I think sort of like a mini lobster type thing but from rivers and creeks. Ive never eaten one but my fiancé loves them. Damper is an Australian yeast free bread that is often cooked over coals. Yummy camping food!

  12. Home made peanut butter I've never heard of that before..sounds yummy. I love peanut butter.

    Like you I have found that my garden is recently taking precedence over knitting. You can't neglect those little babies they just die!

    Shame about the's a nuicance to have to unravel and re-do but so satisfying when it's completed and you know there are no mistakes. Your projects all look lovely Emma.

    Have a fruitful day.

  13. Hubby and I have both read Ramsey's book and follow the plan, basically. We were able to pay off our house last summer and our car will be next. You are right...common sense...too bad more people don't do it. Love your projects.