Monday, May 21, 2012

The wheels on the bikes go round and round, round and round and round.....

The penny dropped, or should  I say the peddle turned - Saturday afternoon, with no prior warning, Tino abandoned his 'Like a bike' (two wheeled wooden training bike without peddles or breaks) and progressed onto a 'real mountain bike'!!  Ever since he's only had one thing on his mind...

New skate park in Chamonix - also open to small people on bikes!

Big bro showing him how it's done!

'pump' track and NOT 'bump' track as un-cool me calls it!
Very handy having a mountain bike instructor for a dad don't you think!

So I guess I'll be spending my summer running/cycling behind these guys, with a supply of snacks, arnica and sticky plasters!!

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  1. Emma, how wonderful that your little one is riding his bike! Kye is almost there, it has taken a while but now he is riding and turning corners by himself!

    Thanks for visiting Richard's blog, he was very happy to have you visit.

    I am going to send your hubby's link off to Richard now.

    Have a great day,
    xo xo