Tuesday, May 8, 2012

...with a stick or two...

...a 'house' is built and it won't fall through!  Not even the 180 km wind that whipped through here last weekend  hurt this baby.

It was with some apprehension that I snuck out last sunday morning to inspect the damage to the 'boys' new construction, but to my great relief their efforts were built to last.  Only the wee bird house had blown down from the roof.
So this week we got to decorating it; a coat of white wash, some hanging bits and bobs, some plants and just to satisfy my yarn habit - some crochet bunting!

et voila!!!

I rescued this pretty shaped log from the wood pile and it now serves as an excellent afternoon tea table.

This project was meant to be a sun-shade but the boys have discovered  that it also works great as an umbrella and so insist on staying out playing even when its pouring down, and who am I to argue!!


  1. This is so perfect! What a relief that it was spared by the winds. I love love love the bunting!

  2. Excellent job on the bunting Emma, you do realize you are my star pupil!

  3. What fun and will continue to be for a long time as your boys play to their hearts content. Well done :)

  4. I love the sandbox with a roof. That is a super idea.

  5. nothing beats a perfect sand box.

    My little day care girl settled for dirt