Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Always New

I thought I knew all about roses-but every time they appear-I see as a bright bud encloses-a beauty unnoticed last year... They never repeat a performance-No season is ever the same...I thought I had seen all the colour, the crimson, the gold and the flame-but here is a rose peeping in at the door. I swear that I never saw this one before.
m.i.l & Tino
We were only away just over a week, but what a difference a few days make!  My m.i.l's climbing roses bloomed, one month later than last year.  And after much nail bitting about the lack of activity in the gardern, mother nature has once again demonstrated that she's most definitely knows what she's doing, and won't be rushed by anyone, least of all, an impatient welsh woman!

 Richard's uncle has been busy doing up his grandfathers old Masey Ferguson (1940ish) tractor.  Don't you just love those yellow walls!  Unfortunately it doesn't run, even stagger, anymore.  He's pretty confident that he'll get it running in time to give rides at  the village party, fingers crossed!  Plan B is Bibi the donkey - at age 17, he doesn't run anymore either!

... Bored we become with what science supplies-but Nature is always an endless surprise.
(Always New, from The Patience Strong Omnibus - A Personal Selection from Fifty Years of Verse)


  1. I loved reading that last part. Nature is definitely full of surprises.