Monday, July 29, 2013

Mountain Trail Running

The storm came up so very quick
It couldn't have been much quicker.
I should have brought my hat along,
I should have brought my slicker.

My hair is wet, me feet are wet,
I couldn't be much wetter.
I fell into the river once
But this is even better.
Spring Rain by Marchette Chute
Balcon sud, La Flegre - Plan Praz (2000 m)
A few weeks ago I participated, for the third time, in the Cross du mont Blanc. And it rained, and rained and rained.  Good excuse for why I finished 20 minutes slower than last time!!  But then last time I finished 20 minutes slower than the first time, and it was a glorious sunny day...
The day before, Richard ran the KM vertical, which is pretty much what it claims to be - a (just over) 1 KM distance for 1 KM accent.  Now that's pretty steep!  
nr Plan Praz
As ever, our and everyone else's sporting efforts were supported by Papy Bob, who got approximately 4 hours sleep all weekend.  It's thanks to him and a whole team of other volunteers that these races can take place.  For me it's pay it back time so I've signed up as a volunteer for the up coming Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, and will be working in my s.i.l's team.  I've wanted to do this for a while but either the kids were to small or Richard was himself participating, so when my m.i.l decided this she didn't fancy helping out the organization this year, I jumped in to take her place.
PAPY BOB - who else!

 These photo's were sent to me by our good friend and wonderful photographer Pierre Raphoz.  Pop over an enjoy some of  his beautiful photographs.


  1. Very cute poem! Good for you, giving it your all and smiling through the rain. I admire runners but don't have a bone in my body that wants to participate. We have a daughter visiting with her family this week, and even in the heat and humidity, she ran this morning. Bless her heart :)

  2. Emma, good for you, who cares about the time, you did it and that is all that matters.

  3. The terrain in that second picture looks pretty committing! I am not sure I could run a mile these days so well done for finishing a hard race!

  4. wow! emma! that is awesome! congratulations, you look great, and richard too. i truly miss so much my trail running days. but chuck still is. perhaps we should come and help out/run too?!
    papy bob is just awesome too!

  5. i just looked at the links, OH MY GOSH! what elevation do you live at? it's stunning there. i'm going to be dreaming of trail running tonight.

    1. Hi Lori, we live at 1035 m, the valley is very narrow and steep on all sides! Trail running is very popular here as is mountain biking but for the biking especially it's quite difficult technical terrain. The mountains are very beautiful but we always take our holidays near the sea where it's so nice to see a far away horizon! Can you tempt Chuck to come and race in our mountains? Would love to meet you both!

  6. Oh my goodness. That terrain looks challenging. Good for you!

  7. Wow - well done! And how wonderful that you're going to volunteer :o)