Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Yarn Along - Socks, scarfs and shawlettes

Nothing like a change of scenery to kick that second sock syndrome into touch.  Didn't manage to finish it during our holiday but on arriving home I was definitely on the home straight.  And besides I needed You Tube' to guide me step by step through the Kitchener Stitch, yet again!
my knitting spot for the week
I have taken note of all the advice on Yarn Along and will in future, turn the heel of the first sock, put it aside and start the second.

One of the highlights of my holiday, was visiting a real yarn store, Jane's of Fishguard.  I know - I lead a sheltered life.  But there's more, I got to visit it without the kids or husband, who opted to stay playing footie on the beach.  I've started my christmas knitting with the Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace, it' so lovely to touch but the going is pretty slow.  I'm fairly new to lace knitting so it demands peace and quite which are in short supply around here at the moment.

Tino has yet again asked for a hand knit!! A sweater with a fire engine on it.  So whilst waiting for the yarn to arrive to make this, I cast on a Hitchhiker for myself.  I'm using 4 mm needles, which is one size up from what the pattern suggests, but I just couldn't resist this wonderfully colorful yarn.
Adriafil Knitcol 100% virgin wool Superwash
Just finished reading Travels with Farley, but I thought I'd mention it all the same.  I enormously enjoyed Claire Mowat's memoir of her life with Farley Mowat - a famous Canadian writer, who I must admit I'd never heard of before this book - which details their love affair with the Magdalen Islands.  I'm pitching for this windswept corner of Canada as our next holiday destination.  Richi wants northern Norway and the arctic circle (like 7 months of winter in the alps is not enough for him), and the kids are still obsessed with going to New York - thank you Melman, Marty, Gloria & Alex!!
On my kindle, my new good friend, who'd of though it?, I recently bought You Can Heal Your Life.  Only a few pages in, and despite thinking some of the ideas are a bit 'out there' for me, I think this is going to be one memorable read.
Linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along, what are your knitting and reading this week?


  1. Your knits look lovely. The yarn for your shawl is wonderful hope the stripes continue to look good.

    I too have cast on a Christmas knit this month, glad to know I am not the only one.

  2. i'm so happy for you emma! a trip to the yarn store must have been heaven. all your knitting looks so pretty, but the lace is beautiful. the pattern is very lovely, and looks perfect with the soft blue you are using. i think lace is meant to be a deliberatly slow knit, but that's how i like to knit anyway.
    good luck on your trip planning, we are doing the same here.
    xoxo lori (i see your bag!)

  3. I have "Heal your body" by Louise Hay and I use it often as a reference. So far I have yet come across a symptom that she didn't hit on the head with her metaphysical descriptions. I find the book is always helpful when trying to find the root cause of problems - love it!
    I have a photo tutorial on the blog to explain Kitchener stitch you can find it under the tab - Knitting-Know-How. Hope that will help you, otherwise feel free to ask me for help :)
    How cool to go to a yarn store! I haven't done that in ages, but then again I am pretty happy with my online lys at the moment.
    Your lacework looks stunning, welldone, can't wait to see more of that project.
    Hope you have a great break.
    Marigolds' Loft

  4. Oh your view! So lovely to knit by. I also completely understand your issue with lace and necessity of quiet!

  5. The socks look very cute. As does that multi-coloured yarn. Not surprised you couldn't resist it.

  6. Turn the heel of the first sock and then start the second, you say? Brilliant! I'm definitely going to do that next time. I too suffer from second sock syndrome.
    I love regia wool...I think it even has a 10 year warranty!

  7. Those socks are fantastic, and your Hitchhiker is making me want to cast on a new project. I am trying to finish my Clapo-Ktus and still hoping I haven't screwed it up. I am reading The Paris Wife about the first wife of Earnest Hemingway, I am not a Hemingway fan and after I reading this book I know why. He really is a jerk, and I just want her to LEAVE him already. It think this book is torture, I am wondering why it got good reviews?
    Hugs to you,

  8. Hello EMMA,

    I really think I could "feel" the softness of that lovely blue yarn, but then maybe because I have felt her Rialto Lace yarn and it has remained in the corners of my memory. I like to knit socks too, and it is about time to begin a new pair.

    Thanks for your comment to my yarn along post. There is a niggling thought that this bag might stretch too much, but I hope to put more than a beach ball in it! Perhaps some light day shopping items.

  9. Some of the prettiest socks I have ever seen!

    And I like the layout of your blog - it made me want to keep reading, when I surfed over here from Cathy's.

  10. The socks look wonderful....the shawl is just beautiful---you really can see how lush and soft it is!! all you yarn so pretty!!!

    for me, part of travel fun is in the planning.....so happy planning!!!! (our planning is over...we leave--for Kenya!--in the morning!!!)

  11. Oh, Emma, I am so impressed with what you are learning and creating. I can imagine how much concentration it would require for me if I were even to grasp it. All of your work is lovely!

  12. I, too, am impressed with your current knits...wow! I've knit lace scarf that looks similar to what you're knitting in blue -- a project that required lots of quiet time to keep from making mistakes. I also have a hitchhiker on my needles, but it's worked its way to the bottom of my project bag and needs to come up for air. :) The colorway of yours is lovely!

    Blessings, ~Lisa

  13. Fantastic socks. And I would also be hugely excited to visit a wool shop without children. Love the way the scarf is knitting up as well. I've been thinking about doing something similar, so I'll be interested to see how it turns out. I'm trying a little shawl in crochet at the moment, and I'm reading "The Secret Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey". Something easy for summer!

  14. what lovely big windows with a great view! All your holiday pics are beautiful too. I adore the fire truck jumper, sooo cute! Agreed with the book there are definitely some'out there' bits but I think the best thing it does is helps you change the way you see thing (rather than actually changing the things) if u know what I mean. Hope you enjoy it, i'm loving re reading. PS, i'm really jealous of your mil's climbing roses, so gorgeous!

  15. in case you don't check back my last post, here's what I wrote about toy snatching-
    In my case after a few days it occurred to me that the little girl snatching most tended to be doing it most in the afternoons... she'd just started sleeping in a bed rather than cot and she wasn't sleeping as long. The first thing I did was start putting her back in her bed when she woke and reading to her until she falls asleep or the other kids wake up. (if she doesn't sleep she at least rests longer which also helps)
    With the snatching I say to the other child 'say give it back please, i'm still using it' (even if they cant talk, it still teaches them the words they will learn to say)If the child doesn't I will repeat 'give it back please' and if they don't I take it from them and give it back to the child that had it saying 'its ----s turn, you can have a turn when shes finished'. If the child is upset I will give them my attention saying 'Oh you really wish it was your turn. Yes it wont be long, ---- will give you a turn next wont you----. Often the child will come give them the toy or ill ask them what they want to do while they wait or they will just need a cuddle (I often pick them up and take them to the window and talk about what I can see or outside take them to the chickens etc. For the 'mine mine mine mine' I would say 'yes your having a turn and then you can give ----- a turn' or 'yes your waiting four your turn'
    This is a mixture of Faith's (from Joyful Toddlers)techniques and improvised but its working for us. I think the main thing id forgotten is to be positive and not treat her like a bad kid saying no all the time but just say these in a positive happy tone and see it as shes still learning to share and i'm reminding her rather than shes choosing to be bad. hope that helps:)

  16. Beautiful knits and once again, I'm so glad you enjoyed the Mowat book!