Sunday, February 16, 2014

sNOw more....Please!

Oh boy, it's never ending...

....I haven't seen my garden since November!!!

It's very pretty and all that, the kids and the dog can't get enough of it, but well, I'm plain fed up with wearing Sorells! (this has nothing to do with my new red clogs arriving this week!)

This morning, yet again, we woke up to the more of the white stuff!
And it's only mid february, so it will be around for some time yet.
Then will come that 'dirty' time when it all starts melting and mounds of semi-frozen dog poo appear everywhere!!

The poor chickens - not only is there no worms to be had for miles, but they have to endure the Ringo 'snuzzle' first thing in the morning...

lot's for repair work for the spring!
...while the very place they call home, threatens to come crashing down around their wee little heads!

Luckily we've got Big Rich to dig us out!

On a more sober note, today marks the first anniversary of the loss of our dearest Oban.

still missing her like crazy!


  1. That's a lot of snow, we haven't had much this winter at all, just rain.

  2. Your photos are amazing! And, how sweet is Ringo :) Knowing your heart still hurts for Oban.

  3. Lots of snow, wow! We are to get more today.

  4. Love the snow pictures, and thinking of you as you miss your baby.

  5. my gosh emma! it must be wearing after a time, but from here the snow looks magical!! your photos are so pretty, the top one i want to frame (i am imagining the windows glowing in twilight, spectacular). i'm happy the sun paid you a visit though. your newest post is beautiful too. sending warmer ocean breezes from the california coast. xoxo