Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Yarn Along and my first fat quarter

Phew - finito! 

Never thought I was going to come to the end of those l-o-n-g clue 5A rows!!
All the stitch counts came out right but I'm not sure I've done the last clue correctly.  The edge doesn't look as 'pointy' as it does on other people's  5A's?
It's been blocked but it's already starting to curl up.
 Oh well, never mind, I'm not frogging it now!!
Not quite sure how I'm going to wear it but I'm sure I will, some way or other.

Bought my first fat quarter last week.  I told Richi that I intend making us a patchwork quit for our 25th wedding anniversary, so that gives me approximately 15 years to get it done! Sewing projects never seem to graduate from the w.i.p basket around here so even with my best intentions this may never be more than a pillow case.  I think I should make the squares fairly big, I'll need to see it progressing rapidly if I'm to stay motivated.

Halfway through Sophie's World, my third attempt since university (all those years ago).  Can't believe I've never made it to the end before! - it's great stuff - 3,000 years of thought in 400 pages, as told to 15 year old Sophie by the mysterious Alberto Knox, her philosophy teacher and his dog/postman Hermes.
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  1. Congrats on finishing your beautiful shawl!

  2. Hah! I just finished my first quilt (long after my second quilt was made and gifted). It only took four years, so I sympathize. Its all lovely!

  3. Oh Emma, it's lovely! And it looks beautiful on you! I think you're mighty talented :)

  4. I think your shawl is lovely! I like how you are wearing it with the shawl pin! Great idea making a quilt for your 25th anniversary. Would love to "steal" the idea, but since our 25th is coming up in June, I doubt that I would get it done. ;-)

  5. how pretty your arrow is! those last rows were long, although i did 5b. what fun it was! exciting to make a quilt, i think the lovely patterns on those squares will make it fun to work on and be good inspiration to complete it.

  6. It looks lovely, I hope you find some way of wearing it after all that work. I have often thought about making a quilt, but it is never more than a thought. Too many other pulls on my time!

  7. Beautiful shawl, it is so much fun to see all the different variations on this pattern popping up.

  8. I think you did a great job, I love the pattern and the yarn color, you are brave to do a mystery knit.

  9. I think your shawl looks great! I love how you are wearing it in the picture, with the pin. Great colour! I hope you enjoy working on your new quilting project.

  10. Beautiful shawl, I've always wondered what it would be like to do a mystery KAL, I could see me stuffing up the start point and then making something totally different to everyone else. Liking your longterm goal quilt, great plan! I've always wanted to give quilting a day....along with everything else!