Friday, October 7, 2011

The Cheerful Hatter

Why is it that if a drummer is a man who plays the drums,
a plummer has nothing to do with plums.
And if a cheerful man who sells one hats can be a cheerful hatter,
why is it that a serious man who sells one mats
is hardly a serious matter!
Dylan Thomas

Richard at work this morning!

Typical hey, just as I write a post about the lovely warm autumn we are enjoying, we wake up to  5°C . There was much digging about this morning to find last years hats as this years creations are still on the 'to do' list.

2010 hat collection

There will be many a cheerful hatter in Chamonix today.  Generally when there's not much to do in the mountains the tourists (there's always tourists here) go shopping!! I imagine I wasn't the only one rooting out 'bonnets' this morning. They boys have requested viking hats (with horns please) and sesame street chracter hats this year.  But Richi, despite having a year-round outside job has specifically requested - "Please DON'T make me anything".  Sometimes he's just no fun at all!!


  1. My husband doesn't want me to make him anything, either. But that's no fun. I think I'm going to make him something, anyway, if I have time.

  2. I should learn to make hats, I guess. I just enjoy making toys so much - somehow, things with eyes draw me in - I guess I could put eyes on the hats. Have you ever seen the pattern for the "knitty fish"?