Monday, October 17, 2011

Not sew easy!

I recently invested in a sewing machine and discovered that the mere act of threading the thing up is akin to rocket science!! Imagine my surprise when I found that, not only is there a spool of thread, but there is also a fiddly little gadgety thing called a bobin which has to be threaded and 'installed' - what a job that is! and let me tell you bringing the bobin thread 'up' is a whole other kettle of fish!
S.O.S Lisa! Two hours of lesson later I was sort of getting it, but  was having to reconsider all the 'haute couture'  I had buzzing around in my little brain.

Project numero uno - my version of the reuseable snack bag or snack 'taxi' as they are called over at Hip Mountain Mama
not sew easy!!!
Now there are lot of snack bag tutorials out there, but I took (and simplified - I left out the nylon linner, as I couldn't get any) the SAHM of ETSY lesson, in which they estimated 30mins for 3 bags (linned of course!).
4 hours later I came up with these two. 
Naturally Rémi and Tino were overjoyed with their little taxi's and didn't hesitated to melt a few smarties in them to illustrate just why linners might have been a useful after all.


  1. Years ago when I started to quilt, I invested in a Pfaff. Before that, I'd only used the American Singer brand, which my mother had taught me to use. The Pfaff was one wow to learn to thread, but i finally got it. I don't know what machine you are using, but I can tell you this: I got my machine out for the first time in years the other day (haven't quilted for a while) and I REMEMBERED how to do it all - muscle memory, presumably facilitated by the trauma of learning to do it in the first place.

  2. you did marvelously well in our lesson, it'll become second nature in no time mark my words! now, don't forget your homework young lady! x