Monday, October 3, 2011

Things that make me go AHHH!!!!

Just look what Tino monkey got up to whilst I was taking a much needed shower!

 At first glance I wasn't too worried, we'd been making binoculars that afternoon and decorating them with water soluble pens, so I just told Richi not to sweat it - "it'll wash off no bother". Thing is, the little monkey had done this little abstract peice with a wax crayon - not so washable! 
The doors (yes he did two) now have a sort of 'scrubbed used look'; apparently it all the RAGE in decorating circles!

How do you stay mad at this?

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  1. Daer Emma - I laughed when I saw this. My third child, my Chaz - when she was about two and a half of so was a touch ill, so - forgetting that her body chemistry turns drugs that usually make children drowsy into wild, hysterical, craziness - I gave her a child's cold medicine. Within the next hour, she had played circus in her closet, swinging on the wooden clothes rod and breaking it so that all the storage clothes that had been hanging there slid down onto her head. Then she had taken the fairly expensive art markers I had just bought to teach the children drawing (using "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" and had run through the house with them, writing her name (which she could do - recognizably - on every flat surface in the house: the oven, the dishwasher, the chair seats the new computers, and all over the brand new oak desks I had just had built in the "school" room.

    She was SO proud. I am sure that there are still things in this house that bear traces of that day - and it was twenty six or so years ago.

    She also used a permanent black marker one day to draw the bones of her body - on her skin. She knew all the bones - and had done them all. Black permanent marker turns green after a while. But at least we all knew exactly where her bones were.