Saturday, September 10, 2011

The annual village POW-WOW

Last night was the Association du Village des Bossons Annual General Meeting!  and it was out with the old and in with the new - the 'old', president of many years, (I don't mean her age here) resigned and a new president was elected out of a choice of ONE!.  There was also a new secretary elected, again out of a choice of one!
Other than that not much happened. Carol, ex-president, doesn't like long meetings so the entire thing was wrapped up in about 20mins, and post meeting 'drinks' brought out (and some crisps too!!) .
2 hours later I was still trying to convice my father-in-law that it was time to go home, but quite frankly I was having a jolly good time aswell listening to the village 'elders' (I was the youngest one there)

They ended up planning a 'pig night', where everything on the menu has to be made of pork!! I wonder what the dessert is going to be?

Village Party 2011
Papy Bob and his crazy wood sawing act!

Rémi, Fabien and Bibi the donkey

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