Thursday, September 15, 2011

Your places please Gentlemen!

Gentlemen Cyclist 2011

Last Sunday, Richard and Rémi, took part in the Gentlemen Cyclist race (open to gentle'women' also).  Traditionally this is a road bike race, but this year they added a mountain bike circuit.
So all togged up in matching Chamnix Club des Sport tops, they took their depart at 9.30am for the road bike event - Chamonix to Les Praz and back, then after a brief pause involving fizzy drinks and saussison, it was off to the mountain biking bit.  Finishing in 4th positon.  Funny thing with Rémi is that it wouldn't have make a difference what positon they came, he doesn't seem to care, he was just so totally stoaked to be in a team with 'Papa'.  I'm so glad he thinks like that, I hope it lasts.


Tino, Rémi's No. 1 fan!

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  1. My son would love this...wish we did these kind of things here x