Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stars 'n stripes

I didn't set out with this theme in mind, I just wanted to 'renovate' the guess room, well Papy Tatoo's room actually.  He comes to visit about 3 times a year,  21 days in total, and  he's an insomniac!!!! So, I thought, what's the point in keeping a big old bed sofa in a itty bitty room for someone who doesn't come here often and when he does doesn't sleep!! (actually he sleeps all day on the lounge sofa so it's little wonder he can't sleep at night, but try telling HIM that).

I think I might paint one wall very pale green (aparently green is a calming colour and anything's worth a try with my monsters!) and then paint a silhouette of the world on it.?

So far...

The stars 'nap-mat' was my first sewing project!  The hardest part was threading the machine!  The idea was very simple, just three pillow cases sewed ,almost straight, in a line.

The stripy crochet blanket was made 36 years ago, by my mother-in-law, for Richi!
I'd added two big pear bean bags for added comfort and subsequently 'banned' eating and drinking in the room.  Turns out I should have specified a ban on 'peeing' also as Tino has already 'marked' his territory!!

And, I'm happy to say, I've finished the W.I.P. from the last post:-


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