Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yarn along

Here goes nothing!  I'm having a go at 'linking up' (sounds like I actually understand what I'm doing hey!) with Ginny on her yarn along spot over at small things. 
I'm currently making a LOT of apple cozies (using a free Natural Suburbia pattern) to give to the kids, complete with apple, instead of party bags at the end of Tino's upcoming 3rd birthday party.  That Richard thinks this is a nice but weird idea, doesn't surprise me at all, but when a female friend asked me what the point of them was, I was a bit shocked!!  Anyways I ran the idea by Rémi and he thinks it's great.

So on to 'Guns, germs and steel', it's a very thorough and interesting study of why, if we all evolved from the same ape, is it that different 'peoples' evolved at different speeds - the answer (I'm only quarter of the way through) it would seem, depends on when and how they 'discovered' - guns, germs and steel, and thus the advantages these 3 things accorded them over other tribes/nations etc.  I only have time to read last thing at night, so despite being captivating, it's a pretty hard bedtime book!


  1. Unfortunately your direct linking didn't work, I suspect it's because the "l" of "html" is missing in the URL you posted on Ginny's blog. But anyone who can read will find your post anyway so it's all good =)
    Your apple cozies are so cute, I love the sheep button and I think the kids will dig them, too! Lovely idea for a party gift =)

  2. The apple cozy is a great idea! That is a lot of knitting to get done. I love the yellow :)

  3. Doesn't everyone know what an apply cozy is good for? Why, to keep your apple safe and prevent bruising! ;-)

  4. To be honest, this is the first time I've even heard of an apple cozy. :-D

  5. If someone really needs an excuse to have a cute apple, you can just say that it protects them from bruising! So cute! I love apple cozies:)

  6. Everyone needs an apple cozy. I actually could have used one today when I took my apple to work in my tote can imagine how appetizing my apple looks now. I think it's a fabulous idea for a party too. The kids will LOVE it!

    I've been meaning to read Guns, Germs and Steel. I watched the National Geographic documentary on it not so long ago. Fascinating.