Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday

'Don't play with your food!!', no, sorry I mean play with your food!  
Rémi has a bit of a hard time sitting still to eat.  He's pretty good with what he eats, it's just he has to do at least 20 'yoga' poses whilst he's eating it.  He also loves building things, at the moment it's planes/rocketships/missiles etc, so Muffin Tin Monday is Rémi's dream meal. 
As we are currently enjoying a warm early autumn the boys had their Muffin Tin meal outside last night.  The only 'restriction' I put on them was that they had to try something out of every 'hole', I didn't mention sitting still.  I gave them some sword shapped tooth-picks to eat with and added some cocktail unbrella's to  pretty-up my ratty-tatty old muffin tins.
Rémi making all kinds of tooth-pick-carrot-peanut butter-vegi dog intergalaxtic missiles!

We also did another muffin tin activity this summer which involved making 6 pairs out of a tray of mixed goodies, then taking turns to be the leader in deciding what to eat.

The muffin-tins are also very good for making, well, muffins!  (and the slightly less heathly cousin, The Queen Cake).

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