Sunday, December 4, 2011

The age of reason

There's a saying in French, '7 years, the age of reason' (7 ans l'age de raison), intended to dupe parents into thinking that the coming of the 7th birthday will bring 'reason' to their child's behaviour!  Now I've been caught with all this old wives malarkey before, you know, when they claim that the terrible two's finish at age 36 months.
And so with Rémi now being 7 years and 1 WEEK, I can confirm that not much has changed!! He can still be as unreasonable as the rest of us when the mood takes him.

This year, back by popular demand, we again hosted a biathlon birthday party activity.  Laser not pellets naturally!!!  Bar Luc who will be 7 in about three months, the other 8 guests were all already 7 years old,  and I might add, on this occasion, were extremely reasonable!!

To nourish this band of hungry marksmen/women I served a little selection of Dinosaur delights:-
Roasted Dinosaur Scales, Dino brains, Dino droppings and Dino cookies, aka Chips, marshmallows and jellybeans. And yes, you guessed it, a Dinosaur birthday cake. All washed down with apple juice, which Merlin, decided was Dino pee - the things they come out with!!

As a parting gift each guest then received a jar of 100% Pure Dino Dung-doh, covered with authentic dinosaur skin.  Richard kindly informed me afterward that dinosaurs in-fact had green skin and not brown!!!!!

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