Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yarn along - me,me, me!

I'm linking up with Ginny this week for a rather self-indulgent yarn along.
Durning a recent holiday to Italy I started my Shalom cardigan but put it aside on returning home to finish more 'pressing' projects.  Having finished all my stuff for others (except Katie's ski hat) I decided to make a little headway on something for me.

There is a bit of story behind this yarn!  Years ago my grannie Maud made me a beautiful aran sweater, unfortunatly it was too short and too wide, and so kept 'riding' up everytime I wore it.  So it sat in the closet for 9 or so years as I couldn't bring myself to give it away or unwind it.  That is until I saw this Shalom Knit Along on Natural Suburbia.  Granted everyone had probably finished their's by the time I signed up, but, whatever.
I'm really enjoying it, it's very easy to do and is knit in one piece - yeh no sewing up at the end!! like that alot.

On the reading front, I'm currently enjoying the second book from the Little House series, that I bought myself for christmas (I said it was a self indulgent post!).  After meeting the Ingalls family in the first book we are introduced to Almanzo and his family in Farmer Boy, as of yet no relation to Laura Ingalls!

Now on to something completely different, I just wanted to post a picture of my hair clip that I wore on christmas eve.  Does anyone else, apart from my sister-in-law and niece, think it resembles a raspberry?  seriously, green leaves, red berries on christmas eve, I thought it was kinda obvious, no?

And not forgetting,  today would have been my mothers birthday, if she hadn't been snatched away from us by cancer 10 years ago.  Happy Birthday Mam!
Do you ever find that sometimes things just come up even when your not looking for them? or at least you don't conciously think your looking for them.  Yesturday I came across an article entitled "Why do bad things happen to good people"( Mel Lawrence) in which, Mel, had written the following:

If there is a God, why is there so much evil?
If there is no God, why is there so much good?

This has set my mind whizzing!!!


  1. Your Shalom is looking so lovely. It's my dad's 83rd birthday today.

  2. Happy Birthday to your momma! I love that you are reusing the yarn, very sweet and I like the clip, it definitely does not look like a raspberry.

  3. Your recycling of the yarn from your other sweater is a total inspiration to me! My husband keeps wanting to donate the aran sweater he bought in Ireland on our honeymoon. He just doesn't wear it, because it is too hot. I am too sentimental to let it go. Perhaps it just needs a new life.

    I love my shalom cardi. I wear it tons and get loads of compliments on it. I am sure you will love yours.

    Definitely not a raspberry. Silly people.

  4. I love that you are using the yarn from the sweater your grandmother made, it will make it that much sweeter (such a nice reminder).

    Love the hair clip - definitely looks like holly to me, I would have never glanced at it and thought raspberry:)

  5. How great that you're getting to keep the sweater (kind of) that your granny made and really enjoy it this time around. Your Shalom is looking lovely!

  6. Your sweater is coming along beautifully -- what a great idea to reknit with the yarn from the unworn sweater that was made for you.

  7. What a touching story about your grandmother's sweater she knit for you! Now you can have her close to your heart when you wear your Shalom sweater!

  8. hi emma, we are reading farmer boy too...we loved little house and read most of it when we were snowed in for 3 days during a storm and were stranded behind fallen electrical wires.

  9. I love Shalom! Great knit. I still read Little House on the Prairie books. I will always love them!