Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa's grotto

Look's like buisness is booming for Santa! just check out his Chamonix pad...

No 'grotto' here, instead the Hotel Montenvert, situated at 1913m, on the edge of the Mer de Glace glacier (Sea of Ice)...

...thankfully he laid on a train to take us up there!

we 'all' sang a few songs before going down stairs to write our letters and decorate some snowballs, via a cunning little passage that took us through the gift shop!!

Rémi was VERY honest,"dear Santa I'm sometimes good and I listen to my parent now and again!!"

homeward bound, tired but happy! 


  1. wow! look at the snow! what a wonderful adventure emma, i hope you and your family had a lovely christmas.

  2. Your space is lovely......

    So much love here:))))) ~ Barefoot mama

  3. Wow Karen! Now THAT is the place to enjoy the Santa experience. ღ