Thursday, December 29, 2011

Creative Friday - Home improvements

I'm (we are - as it's Rémi and Tino who did the work this week) linking up again this week to Linda's Creative Friday.
You know how it is with kids - you buy them THE latest toy and they play with the box!  Well my S.I.L had this good idea; she bought the box! Hours of activity guaranteed.

 Rémi has always 'bugged' his teachers in school with his 'inability' to paint or colour with-in the lines...
Apparently it's very important, shows they have 'motor skills'! I have pointed out that he can knit, crochet, draw, crack eggs into a bowl etc, signs that there is nothing wrong with his 'motor' skills, but, well colouring within the lines is close to their hearts!
so he CAN do it after all, now there's a surprise!

Rudolph the 'rainbow' reindeer

Oban thinks it's the 'dog house'
Kept them busy from 10am - 5pm (2 hour cross-country ski break in the middle). Kept us busy until 9pm cleaning all the paint from the floor!


  1. Those boxes are fun. We've gotten them before and the kids have so much fun decorating them and playing with them. Perfect entertainement.

    happy new year!

  2. Fun fun fun! All the presents ever given, boxes are still always the favourite!

  3. Very cute! Box forts are the best and this one is extra special! (coloring in the lines is over rated, good on you for not taking it too seriously)

  4. In regards to your question about the wine bottle cozy, the pattern is a free one on Ravelry. It's on my project page but here is a direct link. Super easy to knit and lots of possibilities for embellishments.

  5. so fun! happy new year to you and your family emma, all the best for twenty twelve.

  6. A voila un cadeau qu'il est bo Oooo