Thursday, December 22, 2011

Creative Friday

This week I'm linking up with Linda at Natural Suburbia for her Creative Friday.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, this bird house is a joint project between my father in law and myself.
Bob did the carpentry and I did the crochet, if we had reversed the roles it might not have turned out like this and I'd probably be missing some digits!

We've put it outside the lounge window so the kids can watch the birds without disturbing them but I doubt we'll get any 'lodgers' before the spring.  We put out food everyday and judging from the prints in the snow I'd  say that it's Bambi and company who are enjoying the feast.

I've also included some animals I made using Linda's patterns.  I bought eight but haven't even downloaded them all yet or otherwise I'd never get any other projects done - they are very addictive!

I hope that everyone's Christmas knitting/crochet is finished and I wish you all a Joyeux Noël.


  1. What a cute birdhouse! Such a great idea with the crochet.

  2. that is SO cute, the crochet house. and lindas patterns, you've done such a lovely job, i need to knit some this coming year too.

  3. I LOVE YOUR CHICKEN! Sweet! Hugs sweet friend, Linda